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Warpspeed Removals cover the whole of Surrey and Sussex including Redhill, Reigate, Merstham, Caterham, Epsom, Dorking, East Grinstead, Horley, Crawley, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Gatwick, Oxted, movers, Removal Companies, removal costs, removal van

This site and its contents are Copyright Warpspeed 2012

1 The use of the name Warpspeed refers to the company Warpspeed, its staff (Including contractors) vehicles, warehouse and equipment, etc.

2 It is the sole responsibility of the customer to make sure that these terms and conditions meet their needs and that any item to be moved has been packed / prepared in accordance with these terms and conditions.

3 Estimates are subject to amendment if not accepted in writing within 21 days and are given on the understanding that the work may be carried by the method and route decided by Warpspeed. Any interruption, hindrance or postponement may increase the cost to the customer

4 Unless otherwise stated, it is a condition that (A) all work can be conveniently carried out by means of adequate staircases and doorways (B) there is suitable, practical road for the approach of Warpspeed’s vehicles and staff to the building and its doors from which the goods are to be delivered or removed. (C) Unless agreed in writing, we do not deliver or collect goods from above the second floor

5 It is the customers’ responsibility to make sure that their belongings fit into their new property. Warpspeed are not liable for any damage caused to any item or property whilst trying to deliver them through insufficient doorways, hallways and such like. Warpspeed are not liable for the relocation and or storage of such items.

6 Every endeavour will be made to carry out the work within the time(s) desired. Warpspeed shall not be held liable for any loss arising from delays in the completion of the work however caused.

7 It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that nothing required to be moved is left behind and that no items are removed in error. It is also the customer’s responsibility to make sure that any items left behind are suitably protected from theft or damage.

8 Unless otherwise stated, estimates do not include the dismantling or disconnecting (Or the opposite) of any item including carpets.

9 Warpspeed are not liable for any damage caused by the dismantling or taking down of any item including to its surroundings however caused.

10 The customer shall not submit for removal, packing or warehousing any dangerous, damaging or explosive article or substance, or for warehousing any article or substance including food which may encourage vermin or other pests or that may cause infection.

11 Estimates’ are for a specific quantity of items (Or for a vehicle size) and mileage, additional items or mileage will be charged to the customer.

12 Unless stated in writing by Warpspeed to the contrary, Warpspeed have the right to enter the storage rooms / containers of any storage account that is more than 3 months in arrears with the intention to sell its contents in order to recover any debt. Any and all items deemed by Warpspeed to be saleable will be listed with an online auction site, the proceeds of which will be used to clear the debt. Any and all items deemed by Warpspeed to be of no commercial value will be disposed of. All fees, taxes, tipping fees and removal costs will be charged to the customer. We reserve the right to take Court action to recover any remaining debt. It is the customer’s responsibility to claim any money left over once the debt has been cleared.

13 Our storage week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, all part weeks will be rounded up to the nearest whole week.

14 The customer will forfeit any rights to compensation against Warpspeed and its staff if they enter a storage container without a member of Warpspeed’s staff being present or without Warpspeed’s express permission.

15 Warpspeed reserve the right to withhold customers' belongings should payment be withheld, all storage costs and removal fees will be charged to the customer.

16 An overtime rate of £25 plus VAT (£30) per member of staff per hour will be charged from 4 PM onwards.

17 Warpspeed are not liable for loss or damage to feet, legs, knobs, switches, dials, buttons and such like

18 Warpspeed are not liable for any scratches, dents, cracks, chips and such like to any item, however caused.

19 Warpspeed shall not under any circumstances be liable for any loss or damage by or resulting from or in connection to fire, flood, civil unrest, war, acts of God, and any unforeseen occurrence including Vandalism and burglary, however caused.

20 Warpspeed will not be liable for any damage or loss to any item(s) that have been packed or un-packed by the customer or by third parties, however caused.

21 Warpspeed are not liable for items left in chest of drawers, wardrobes and such like or for any money, jewellery or any other high value item.

22 Warpspeed are not liable for the loss, damage or failure to produce, however caused, any items / goods moved to or from premises where there are other workmen (Or members of the public) or where there is structural or cosmetic work being carried out or that is being left unattended.

23 Warpspeed are not liable for any items which are fragile in nature.

24 Flat pack style furniture is moved entirely at the owners’ risk, Warpspeed will not accept any liability for any damage however caused.

25 Fragile items large or small such as vases, lamps, jugs, urns, crockery, bottles, china, glass, ceramics, TVs, etc must first be wrapped generously in bubble wrap or paper and then boxed in advance of our arrival. Pictures, photos etc must be suitably boxed in advance of our arrival.

26 By entering this contract, you are confirming to us that the goods are your own property or that you have the authority of the owner of the property to make this contract in respect of the goods. You will be responsible to pay for any claim for damages and or costs against either of the above if this proves to be untrue.

27 If you postpone or cancel this contract, Warpspeed may charge according to how much notice you provide prior to the agreed date. More than 7 days: any deposits paid. Between 4 - 7 days: 50% of the total contract price. 3 days: 75% of the total contract price. 1-2 days 90% of the total contract price. Less than 1 day: 100% of the total contract price.

28 Warpspeed may choose to repair or replace the damaged or lost item; however, if Warpspeed choose to repair the item Warpspeed will not be liable for any depreciation in value to that item(s)

29 Pianos are moved entirely at the owners risk unless agreed in advance and in writing to the contrary.

30 Warpspeed will not be liable for any loss or damage to any item unless you notify us IN WRITING within SEVEN DAYS of the removal date.

31 Warpspeed’s staff are not allowed to remove their shoes or any other safety equipment, whilst they are working.

32 Warpspeed are not liable for any damage including staining to any type of flooring, including carpets, hardwood, laminate, tiles etc, however caused.

33 Warpspeed’s staff are not allowed to lift boxes that weigh more than 25 kgs or any item which they feel unable to lift safely.

34 All parking fees, fines, congestion charges and toll fees are to be paid by the customer. It is the customers’ responsibility to make sure that there is adequate legal parking for our vehicle(s) and that any permits are in place in advance of our arrival.

35 Any Invoice or outstanding debt must be paid in full by the completion of the removal.

36 Repeat /regular customers are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions even if a new contract has not been signed.

37 For insured items, the claimant is liable for and must pay the first £100.00 of any claim and any amount exceeding £10,000.00.

38 Items to be moved which have not been packed in accordance with our terms and conditions, are moved entirely at the owners risk.

39 These terms and conditions cannot be altered by any member of staff; any attempt to change them will be void.

40 These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of England, which take president.